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PinPopular “Twitter tweet” bug fix

April 06, 2016

@PinPopular is a Twitter bot for tweeting the most popular posts from the

Recently some nice people notify me on Twitter that often there are some tweet with no context at all , then I found that the title of the image post from Twitter in Pinboard is just “Twitter”, like this:

PinPopular’s data is actually crawl from the Pinboard Popular page’s rss feed. After checked the feed then I found that some post’s title is just “Twitter” like this:

<item rdf:about="">
Biggest leak in the history of data journalism just went live, and it's about corruption.

The solution is using the description instead of the “Twitter” title for the tweet content, it seems working good now.

P.S. I also transfered the PinPopular from the Linode where it lives for years to DigitalOcean now.

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